Movie theatre Wemding

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The movie theatre in Wemding has existed since 26 March 1949. As it is one of the last existing hotel cinemas, it has already been portrayed by Bayerischen Rundfunk as well as Süddeutsche Zeitung. Such a particular service is utilised with good grace. Many of our holiday-makers like to visit it during their stay.

Our senior partner Else Meyer conducts this unique cinema with real love and absolute passion. The special velvet curtain in front of the screen, which is wound up before every single film, offers a majestic sight. This particular flair, which is created in our movie theatre, can definitely not be found in any modern cinema.

It was also renovated and modernised in 1987 and now presents the most recent movies.

Public performances are Fridays until Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

You can have a look at our alternating programme at Of course, we also offer certain all-inclusive prices, which already include the cinema. Two examples therefore are Romantic weekend in the most admirable season  or Explore Wemding by bicycle

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